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ASACERT provides assessment and certification services in a wide variety of professional sectors – with expertise in civil, hydrology, aviation, power telecoms and oil and gas industries, in particular.

 Our methods are field-tested and exceptionally reliable allowing us to provide solutions tailored to the wide range of our clients’ needs and to the specific area of activity.

Our assessment and certification processes are shaped by constant research activities and significant investments in technology and human resources ensuring competitive first-class services.

Such features make ASACERT GROUP stand out in the market.



Asacert  mission consists uniquely in creating added value for the client’s benefit.

  • High quality services, outstanding reliability, professionalism and discretion, talent for listening and paying attention to the costumers’ needs.
  • A personalised, yet assured methodology built to integrate and assimilate the specific characteristics of the operating environment.
  •  Thanks to sophisticated research activities and significant investment in technology and human resources, ASACERT offers high quality service and stands out in its sector.

ASACERT structure is featured by specialisation, expertise and professionalism that are constantly developed and nurtured.

The experience gained over the years in the specific sectors of intervention, allows us to offer a prompt and assured response to the client’s expectations. Asacert develops articulated and complex services for its customers using adequately sized and structured work force.

ASACERT operates in three macro-areas:

  • Certifications
  • Inspections
  • Evaluations

Thanks to the backing of specialised professionals with multidisciplinary expertise, ASACERT produces specialised services in different operational environments and it is able to satisfy diversified needs, whilst always ensuring high levels of quality and competence, along as assuring privacy is respected


The company operates in absolute autonomy and is completely independent from those entities whose interests fall in the activities included in the services provided by ASACERT. We always guarantee objectiveness, freedom of action and independence.

Asacert does not boast any participation, active or passive, direct or indirect, in:

marketing agencies or sale companies, insurance intermediaries, real estate brokerages, securities dealers neither for firms nor for investment banks, consultancy businesses, assessment review or any other business that could be interested in the results of the service provided by ASACERT.


There is an active Safeguarding Committee within ASACERT Group. Such Committee involves stakeholders of the Certification world, including manufacturers, clients, government ministries and other authoritative research institutions and associations that are important at national level. This Committee has been set up for the purpose of constantly ensuring full compliance with the criteria of reliability and fairness in assessment and judgement.


Competence, training, collaboration, dynamism: in Asacert are the people that make the difference.

ASACERT is a company made up of a highly qualified team of professionals that operate in homogeneous working groups linked by the same cultural approach and working method but complementing each other thanks to their diversified training and experience.

Asacert experts are capable of operating in many areas, providing clients with their knowledge and skills gained in years of study, research and fieldwork. On top of that, many years of experience and attention in creating added value do the rest.

To be able to maintain the high level of performance of the supplied services, Asacert continuously takes part in studies, research and standardisation activities carried out in national and international technical commissions.

Asacert’s professionals are carefully recruited and evaluated; they undergo periodic updating activities, in relation to new auditing methods and techniques as well as changes in the existing applicable legislation and introduction of new evaluation and certification schemes. The aim of such activities is to ensure highly reliable technical evaluation at any time.

ASACERT staff have specific industry expertise. Perpetual training and active participation in courses, seminars and initiatives ensure constant professional development – ASACERT proudly continues to invest to increase and improve quality, competence and professionalism of the offered services.

Years of experience in specific areas of the industry allow ASACERT to offer prompt and customized solutions that meet stakeholders’ expectations. In order to meet such expectations ASACERT provides also articulated and complex services, forming appropriately sized and structured working groups that embed the needed professional skills and workforce