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The ever-growing need to ensure adequate quality, environmental and safety standards; the attention for compliance with national and international regulations; the difficulty to stand out in an increasingly competitive market requiring the revision of business’ processes; are all factors that significantly affect a company structural organisation and way of operating. This is the case for ASACERT that wants to provide a prompt and decisive response, so as not to succumb under new market challenges.

The ASACERT team focuses on field inspections and technical evaluations in diverse areas. Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals who possess specific expertise, which, coupled with a strong functional specialisation, enables us to understand the problems and needs of our clients. We identify the adequate regulatory and competitive environment in which our clients operate and provide them with the most efficient solutions.


Specially accredited certification bodies must conduct a company certification procedure. ASACERT operates as an independent Body according to the international standard UNI EN ISO/IEC 17021 for certification of company management systems for quality, environment, workplace safety and security of information.

When ASACERT professionals provide a service they do not “dictate rules”, instead they bring their own experience and professionalism in the company’s development process. They transfer their know-how to the client in order to contribute to the System’s development.

In order to improve the corporate image and optimise the relationship of trust among suppliers, companies and clients, ASACERT has recruited professionals with expertise in specific industrial sectors and has employed technicians whose professional growth is ensured by ASACERT itself. ASACET constantly invests in its personnel training; ASACERT staff members attend courses and seminars, take part in events and initiatives on which the Company is constantly investing to increase and improve quality, competence and professionalism of the offered services.

ASACERT operates in the sectors of Safety in the Workplace, Risk Management, Corporate Assessment and Management Systems.

Experienced technicians, who have been working many years in specific areas of intervention, perform these activities. Their long-term experience allows them to deal with articulated and complex situations. In order to guarantee a comprehensive service, sometimes our staff collaborate in working groups that are appropriately sized and structured, both in terms of the workforce and of the members’ professional skills.


The evaluation of a property for insurance purposes is a problem becoming increasingly widespread among businesspeople. The estimation of a property’s value constitutes a major problem in the current fragile and uncertain environment that is subject to constant change and innovation. There are also other factors making this kind of activity even harder, such as more organized structures, external factors (inflation, technological change, regulatory changes, etc.) and in-house factors (new investments, substitutions, transfers, improvements, etc.), All these obstacles easily lead to overestimations or underestimations with adverse consequences when correct values are required for insurance purposes.

The clause “Insurance with declaration of value” has been introduced in the policy in order to protect businesses in this arduous and difficult task. Such a clause is an important form of guarantee that the insured may make use of in the preliminary estimate.

A competent and qualified third juridical party must conduct estimation of a property’s value for insurance purposes. Such third party must ensure that the service is performed in full compliance with the governing targets and criteria.