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Building comfort inspection beyond energy efficiency, comfort is important for many types of buildings (hotels, hospitals, residential buildings, office buildings, etc.). Any time ASACERT can inspect relevant features of existing buildings (or during construction) which have a direct impact on the building users’ satisfaction.

ASACERT comfort inspections may include:

  • Thermal comfort inspection;
  • Acoustic comfort inspection;
  • Lighting comfort inspection;
  • Structural integrity.

ASACERT identifies visible and hidden features that can be improved in the above areas.

ASACERT helps customers to establish an appropriate comfort improvement programme and may provide independent expert opinions and recommendations to ensure comfort in various building spaces. ASACERT architects and engineers have expertise, experience and equipment to carry out effective comfort measurements.


ASACERT comfort audits allow customers to:

  • measure the buildings’ comfort levels;
  • ensure the users’ wellness in the building spaces;
  • identify areas of improvement;